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In one of my charity shop hauls the other day I spotted a beaten up set of IKEA Moppe drawers. They had seen better days but were perfect for a re-style/up cycle/makeover/hack! Inspired by some of the IKEA Moppe drawers hacks I have seen on Pinterest I knew I could do something with them. Have you seen some of the IKEA hacks on Pinterest? There are some talented people out there!

Moppe drawers from IKEA

I had wanted some storage for the top of my chest of drawers in my bedroom that has become a bit of a dumping ground. It has the double function of a dressing table and houses make-up, jewellery, perfume, brushes and a mirror. I have corralled some of the mess with baskets but they are open and messy and there are not enough of them. (ugly picture alert)

Ugh mess!

This set of mini drawers was the answer.

ikea moppe drawers hack makingforliving.com
Beaten up Moppe drawers from a charity shop

It was a really simple makeover. I was going for a shabby chic, vintage look. The drawers are going to sit on top of my old chest of drawers which are shabby chic in style. The mini drawers are used drawers, not in new, pristine condition so the beaten up look is perfect. But you could also do this with a new set of MOPPE drawers from IKEA.

IKEA moppe drawers hack makingforliving.com

First I turned the drawers around to use the backs as the drawers fronts. I wanted to add little handles which I think are a bit more classy than the finger slot hole originals. I painted the fronts (backs) of the drawers, and front and sides of the drawer case with Annie Sloan’s Old White paint. It took two coats, then I sanded it back because of the brush marks that were quite pronounced. I painted a final coat of paint and then a coat of Annie Sloan wax.

I measured the drawer fronts to find the middle and made a guide dent with a braddle. Then I drilled holes in the centre to fit the ‘handles’. For the handles I used mirror screws! I chose them as the drawer pulls at my DIY store were not to my taste or too big. The mirror screws seemed perfect as they wouldn’t screw flush to the wood because they have a straight (unthreaded) part at the top of the screw to allow for the thickness of a mirror. This meant they would function well as a handle with space to grip the screw heads with fingers. They had bronze colour screw head covers, which prettified them but also meant they looked like drawer pulls rather than just screws.

moppe drawers in situ

I cut some patterned papers to size for drawer liners and glued them to the inner drawer bases. Paper is perfect for this as it is easily replaceable if they get dirty.

drawersinnner2 drawersinner

The top of my chest of drawers is now much more tidy. And with some re-arranging of the pictures and earring frame holder, I think it will do the job.

ikea moppe drawers hack makingforliving.com

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IKEA Moppe drawers hack

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