You know what it is like, your child is waving their homework sheet under your nose asking for your help, and your heart sinks. Homework can be a battleground with tears, tantrums (that’s just me) and I don’t even know what we did before google. We must have taken weeks to do homework by going to the library and checking out books. Oh yes, unless you were lucky enough to own the entire Encyclopedia Britannica.

Kids are more design savvy these days and I don’t know about yours but mine are getting frustrated with Microsoft Word. Maybe it’s because they have designers for parents, but they want to create pretty, picture-filled projects and the combination of photos and text boxes has them getting cross with Word or Google docs. Yours too?

I’ve started showing them how to use an online design tool which they have loved. It is a professional tool but it’s free to use, it has free images and a very easy intuitive interface. My seven year old used it to create his recent homework project. So far it has been really pain-free. The tool is called Canva.

I’ve created a video to show you how to use this resource so that you can help your kids with their homework. You might even start using it to create your own media and documents for work! I hope it’s useful.

How to use this design tool for pain-free homework


How to use this design tool for pain-free homework

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