Do you decorate for Easter? I love the German tradition of hanging eggs on trees. I have some that I hang on branches in a vase in the house.

hanging eggs

china cockerel

hanging easter eggs

I have also decorated eggs over the last few years, here are some polystyrene ones that have been decoupaged.

decopatch eggs

This year I made some moss covered eggs.

How-to make moss covered eggs

I started with polystyrene egg forms and wrapped them with craft moss.

wrapping egg in moss

I placed the moss on the egg form and wrapped wire around the egg to hold. I stabbed the egg with the wire first and then wrapped the wire around the egg to hold. It took quite a lot of wrapping and moss. Then I placed the egg in a bag and wrapped the bag tight around the egg, hoping that this would hold the moss in a place as it dried a little.

egg in bag

To be honest I’m not sure that this helped much. I think that maybe it would with live moss that would dry out a little. But my moss has been processed and is still a little damp. I took the eggs out of the bags after a day or two and then trimmed down the bits of moss that were sticking out, so that the egg shape became more clear.

I then pinned or tied some ribbon around them and placed them in a bowl.

Moss covered eggs


I love the green freshness of the moss, it gives a natural feel to them. I love also that they make me think of a moss covered stone in a garden.


how to make moss eggs

How to make moss eggs
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