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Adding something home made to a gift makes the gift that little bit unique and extra special. I recently gave a friend a small pretty jug from the Gisela Graham range which had some pretty daisy detailing to the rim. I made some large felt daisies to complement the jug and add that special touch.

daisy jug

To make the felt daisies you’ll need a five strips of white felt about 25cm x 5cm, pinking shears, scissors, yellow buttons, floristry wire, washi or fabric tape, needle and thread.

Cut along one long side of a strip of felt with your pinking shears.

felt daisies1

Cut between the ‘peaks’ of your zigzags, down to about 1cm of your strip. Do this all the way along the strip.

felt daisies 2

Take a length of wire, fold it in half and thread through two of your button holes.

felt daisy 3

Pull the wire through and twist around itself a couple of times. Hold at one end of the felt strip and wrap the felt around the wire just below the button.

felt daisies4

felt daisies 5

Stitch the rolled felt in place by stitching around the underside of the flower in four places.

felt daisies 6

Sew with some yellow thread down through the button holes into the felt to hold the stem in place in the centre of the flower.

Repeat to make some more felt daisies. Wrap the stems in some washi or fabric tape.

Felt daisies 7

I then placed the flowers in some brown paper as if they were flowers from a florist and popped them into the jug. I tied some green gingham country style ribbon to the jug handle to balance out some of the colour and voila, a sweet jug posy gift.

Felt daisies

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How to make felt daisies and your gift unique.
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