It’s National stationery week, which I had no idea existed until a whole variety of creative bloggers that I follow, started tweeting and posting about it!

I love stationery. There is something inviting about fresh paper or a notebook and a pen! Is it the promise of something just waiting to be created, that makes notebooks and writing tools so appealing? I’m sure I have more notebooks than required. I’m always looking for the perfect writing tool. But I think the only way to get better handwriting is practise unfortunately!

I have made stitched notebooks before, if you have some pretty card stock they can be a personal way to make a unique notebook, great as a gift.

How to stitch a notebook.

The how-to.

You will need: 12 sheets of white paper, patterned thicker paper for covers, thick thread, paper piercer or awl, creaser, needle, gullotine.

  1. Choose some card stock for the cover and take 12 sheets of white paper.
  2. Trim your sheets and front and back cover so that they are 14cm by 21cm.
  3. Stack your sheets and covers in order and put bulldog clips top and bottom.
  4. Measure down the long side of the book and make a mark in the middle about 1cm in from the edge.
  5. Measure 3 points at 3cm intervals either side of the middle point. Mark these with a pencil.
  6. Take an awl (metal screw point thingy!) or paper piercer and pierce every paper and cover at these marked points.
  7. Take some thread and cut 60cm, thread a needle. Sew through the 2nd hole in from the end, from the back of your book. Leave a length of about 7cm. Go over to the back and back up through your starting hole again.  Then sew down the book to the next hole. Make sure you pull your thread tight as you go. Sew over to the back and through that hole again and then down to the middle hole. Repeat until you get to the last hole.
  8. Once you have gone around to the back and through the last hole, go down over the end of the book and back up the book stitching the same way which will fill the stitch spaces where there is no thread.
  9. When you get to the other end of the book go over the end and back through, tie your strings together, and trim off the ends.
  10. If you want you can use the creaser to create a neat fold on the cover for opening the book. Why not use a sticker for labelling your book?
  11. Use your book with pleasure!


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How to make a stitched notebook
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2 thoughts on “How to make a stitched notebook

  • 21st May 2015 at 1:40 pm

    Oh this looks easy enough that I could do it, thank you x


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