I recently bought a shirt dress but I didn’t like the belt that came with it. I wondered whether I could make one. I found that it was actually quite simple and not expensive to make a braided leather belt. It is more a tie than a traditional belt but I am pleased with the outcome.

leather tie belt

Here’s how to make a leather belt:

To make you will need a length of leather thong. I used 5 metres of 3mm flat here but you can adjust according to the length you want it. You’ll need to allow for shortening of the length when braided and extra for the hanging ends and tassels. I sourced mine from eBay. You can get it in a range of colours and widths.

leather cord

Cut the length into three equal lengths. Knot at one end leaving a long section before the knot for the tassels.

knotted leather

You need to then fix one end somewhere I pegged the end to a table cloth, but you could use a safety pin.

peg to tablecloth Plait the cords together, noting how you plait, ie. I made sure the flat edges were always flat. Otherwise the plaint would be uneven. Make sure you are consistent in style the whole time.

plait close up

When you have reached the end, knot together again, remembering to leave enough length to tie on the tassel.

To make the tassel, take four lengths of cord.


Fold in half.

leather lengths

Holding them together in a line, wrap another length around them a few times and glue in place with leather glue.


Trim the ends so that they are all the same length.

Thread the one end of the belt through the loop of a tassel. Tie with a knot and trim and glue down the knot ends to the loop back.

coiledleatherbelt makingforliving


Tie round a favourite dress and show off!


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How to make a leather belt

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