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heart key ring

This heart shaped key ring is a perfect use for scraps of fabric to brighten a ring of keys.

You will need: fabric in pinks or reds, felt, heart template, (heart printable download), button, co-ordinating ribbon, (the picture features a range of jane means ribbons) thread, split ring. pinking shears or fabric scissors, needle (optional: fabric glue)

1. Pin your heart template to your fabric pieces, cut around with shears or scissors. (If using scissors you may want to stitch the hearts together right side in, leave a gap to turn inside out and finish off heart with a hidden stitch.)

2. Pin your template to your felt and cut out. Cut the felt heart a little smaller than the fabric hearts. You have two options with the felt, either use between your fabrics on the inside to give your heart a little weight or sew or glue on the outside of your fabric hearts.

3. Stitch your button in the middle of either your fabric piece or felt heart if putting your felt heart on the outside.

4. Thread ribbon through the split ring and make a loop. Stitch the fabric hearts together using running stitch about 5mm in from the edge of the fabric, with the ribbon loop ends inside the two hearts. You may want extra stitches holding the ribbon in place.

5. Thread your keys onto your split ring and give your heart shaped key ring to a loved one!

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Heart shaped key ring
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