Tis’ the season of the gift guide! As we choose gifts for our loved ones that will bring delight, not break the bank and be used again and again, gifts that inspire the creativity in us are the ones I’m drawn to. I’ve put together a gift guide for the creative stuck at her desk. At this time of year it’s easy to find shops and shopping overwhelming and if you are busy working at your desk the easiest way to sort the Christmas shopping is to source it online. Creative gifts are great gifts to give because they inspire others creativity and are the gift that keeps on giving. I’m trying not to add to the hustle that you may feel around this year by choosing the best gifts that will encourage even the most time strapped creative and bring a little extra joy to hearts as they delight in their own creativity! I’m aiming for simple and stylish so that the creativity shines out!
Of course this gift guide contains affiliate links.

The gift guide for the creative giver

Gift for the hand letterer or patient creative

Calligraphy set

Calligraphy practice

What better way to bless the budding letterer than a modern calligraphy kit with a guide to modern calligraphy?

calligraphy set
From notonthehighstreet

Or this stunning copper calligraphy pen which looks beautiful even when your calligraphy practice doesn’t!

calligraphy pen
From notonthehighstreet

Gifts for the desk bound creative

Quality notebooks

My favourite notebook
moleskine plain notebook
From John Lewis

These are my favourite type of notebooks – plain paper inside, and I always find the paper good quality too. Perfect for doodles, writing and day dreaming. I use one for writing posts, ideas and notes and drawing designs.

This phone case is floral yet looks professional, it’s the one I use currently.

Cath Kidston phone case
From Cath Kidston

Gifts for keeping inspired

flowers jug

Keeping fresh flowers around at home is inspiring and these are the vases I use again and again for those supermarket bunches of flowers:

recycled glass vase
From notonthehighstreet
chalk enamel jug
From Garden Trading

Gift for the baker:

I recently saw this beautiful cookie stamp, perfect for those inspiring a bit of baking.

Cup Cookie stamp
From Marks and Spencer

There are these cute measuring cups to match.

measuring cups
From Marks and Spencer

Creative gifts for the kids

Want to start them off on their creative journey? Play doh is a favourite in our house, unlimited creations are made.



My son likes to make ice creams!

PLay doh ice cream shop set
From John Lewis

My daughter has this sewing machine which is a great starter model, that is up to “proper” sewing.

sewing machine for girls
Sewing Machine From John Lewis

I love toys that don’t prescribe creativity like a kit that offers no choices, but ones that help children think creatively. This design studio is a great toy because it encourages thinking to solve problems and design inventions or buildings that suit criteria. My daughter loves it for designing buildings.

From amazon

These story dice stimulate a child’s imagination and creative thinking, you make up stories from the picture prompts on the dice.

From Amazon

story cubes

Gifts for your crochet lover

Crochet this tablet sleeve for your husband or maybe something he could do on his commute?

crochet tablet case
From Wool and the Gang

I saw this beautiful crochet hook case and it comes with bamboo crochet hooks which are so much nicer to use in the hands than metal ones.

crochet hook case
From John Lewis

bamboo crochet hooks

I hope that this ‘gift guide for the creative’ has inspired you to encourage the creatives in your life. I hope that the Christmas shopping is not too painful and that you find some space to have some rest and creative time over your Christmas break!

gift guide for the creative


6 ways to discover your creativity

6 ways cover

6 ways to discover your creativity e-mag & bonus printable manifestos.

Gift guide for the creative stuck at her desk!

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