Ever wanted a lovely fluffy snowy white Christmas wreath? I’ll show you how I made this one very quickly and simply! You’ll never guess what I made it with.

Fluffy snowy Christmas wreath

It started with a trip to the local pound shop. Where I bought two of these.

White fluffy dusters

White fluffy dusters.

How to make a white fluffy Christmas wreath.

After a lot of wiggling and unscrewing I managed to take off the plastic handles. They were glued to a metal spine that goes down the middle of the duster.

Next you have to bend the duster into a semi circular shape. The wire is heavy-duty inside the duster but not too hard to bend. You’ll need some wire to wire the ends together. I used a heavy florists wire.

Wire around the end of the wreath

Wrap the wire around one end of one of the dusters then wrap the wire around the end of the other one, to hold them together. Do the same at the other ends of the dusters, so that you have a whole circle shape.

Tie some deep red ribbon around the wreath in a bow and there you have it! It is the quickest wreath I have ever made and probably the cheapest! But I do like it! I have hung it from a cup hook on my dresser in the kitchen.

Did you know that the circular shape of the wreath symbolises eternal life? There is some holy imagery here with the white of the wreath and the red of the ribbon. I am reminded to meditate on the birth of Jesus and what his death gave us. The washing of our uncleanliness and the blood that it cost.

I wonder whether we’ll have a snowy white Christmas this year? Do you have any tips for making quick simple wreaths?

If you would like some more ideas for getting creative this Christmas then you would love Calm Christmas, read more about it here.

Calm Christmas ebook

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How to make a quick fluffy wreath

Fluffy white Christmas wreath

6 thoughts on “Fluffy white Christmas wreath

  • 6th December 2016 at 9:23 am

    Great I WILL give this a go Susan

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  • 13th December 2016 at 5:09 pm

    This is so pretty and so pure-looking. Perfect for Christmas.
    My wreath was far from simple to make and I have a large one on the front door, a smaller one on the lounge door and a ‘cheat’ one that I bought for the utility door, but it’s a lovely willow and berry one so I couldn’t resist.
    I have dried oranges in the oven, wired on cinnamon sticks and had the glue gun out and usually top it up a little year on year, especially if a couple of decorations have been knocked off during storage in the loft.
    You make this look so quick, so easy and it’s so pretty too and would grace any room. I think my teenager daughter would love to make this for her bedroom. Thanks for sharing it. x

    • 13th December 2016 at 8:17 pm

      Thanks Emma, this is a quick one and I love the result. Your wreaths sound lovely.


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