This felt fruit and vegetables tutorial is another of the makes from my book: Making for living and giving. It is a creative play item which is also fun to make and brings some summer time colour to home. I love to go strawberry picking in the summer with the children, it’s good for them to how fruit grows and how locally grown, fresh from the plant is best to eat. But these are not for eating but a little one may love to play with them in a play shop or kitchen. If you have a little crate to put them in all the better, but if not a small card box would work, see below for a little printable PYO farm fresh label.

felt fruit and veg

Printable templates to make are at the bottom.

You will need: Red, green, yellow and orange felt, matching coloured embroidery thread, toy stuffing.
Equipment: Needle, thread, scissors, templates below.


Cut the carrot shape out of orange felt using the template. Cut out two carrot leaves from green felt. Roll the felt into a tube/carrot shape slightly overlapping the long edge. Before stitching, split your thread into three strands. Using orange thread stitch up the carrot from the bottom to the top. Stuff the carrot with stuffing, place the leaves inside the top of the carrot. Using a running stitch, stitch around the top of the carrot, including the leaves about 5mm down from the top edge. Pull the thread to gather the top together and stitch to hold. Stitch around the carrot with lines of back stitches leaving about 1cm between the lines to start with, increasing the distance between the lines as you go up the carrot.


Cut out two larger sweetcorn shapes from yellow felt and two of the smaller sweetcorn shapes from green felt. Using yellow thread stitch together the yellow shapes using back stitch and then turn inside out. Stuff with stuffing and stitch around the bottom using running stitch about 5 mm in from the edge and gather and stitch to hold. Stitch lines of running stitch around the corn, about 1 cm apart between lines and between stitches, try and keep stitches parallel to the line above. Stitch up the corn between the rows making squares with your stitches. Make the squares in the alternate spaces on the on alternate columns (so that you have a spaced apart ‘brick’ pattern). Take your two green leaves, place them either side of the corn, covering the side stitches. With green thread stitch the bottom of the leaves (5 mm from the edge) to the bottom of the corn with a running stitch, pull the thread to gather and stitch to fix.


Cut out a strawberry shape from red felt. Fold over the semi circle and stitch (using red thread) down the straight edge with back stitch. Turn inside out and stuff with stuffing. Sew around the top with running stitch and pull to gather, stitch to fix. Cut out the leaf and stalk shape from green felt. Roll the stalk shape up along the long edge. Stitch up the stalk to hold. Place the leaf on top of the strawberry and stitch to the berry with green thread. Follow the leaf shape with your stitching 3mm in from the edge. Stitch the stalk to the middle of your leaf. Using the yellow thread, make small stitches all over the berry to look like seeds. Space these stitches randomly about 1 cm apart.


Using the tomato template cut out four pieces from red felt. Using red thread, take two pieces and stitch together from the top down one side, using back stitch. Then take the next piece and stitch down one side to the other side of the first piece. Add the next piece and stitch one side, then stitch the other side to the first piece stopping halfway down. Turn inside out, stuff and stitch up to the top. Cut out your tomato spider from green felt and stitch to the top of your tomato with a large cross stitch in green thread.


Layout 1

Printable templates

fruitandvegtemplates (3 pages

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Felt fruit and vegetables tutorial
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