Father’s day is coming up and as usual I’m thinking of handmade gifts. I think it adds so much more to a gift when you have made it yourself, it has taken time, effort, inspiration, thought and care, these can not be bought. Here is another make from my Making for living and giving book.

Making something for men is sometimes difficult but this is a manly enough craft that involves hammers and metal. Grrrr!

stamped key ring makingforliving.com

You will need a punch/stamp set like below.  (affiliate links)

and punch block and hammer.

you can get silver blanks from eBay.

Decide what you want to put on your key ring. Place your disk on the metal block. Take some tape and tape the disk to the block using the top edge of tape as the baseline of your first line of text. Using a ruler mark on the tape the middle point. Then work out where each letter will go, depending on the size of your letter stamps. Mark the tape with lines to denote the letter spaces.

Take your first letter stamp placing it carefully on the disc in place. Hammer the stamp quite firmly, then without removing the stamp rock it slightly to the right and hammer again, then rock it slightly towards you and hammer again, then to the left and hammer and then away from you and hammer. You should have a well-defined letter.

Repeat for the other letters.

Remove the tape and place more tape for the next line of text. Measure, mark out and stamp each letter in the same way again.

Go over the letters with a thick black sharpie, dab a bit of the antibacterial gel on some kitchen towel and wipe over. The ink should be left in the letter grooves only.

Thread the disc onto a swivel clip ring.

Give your disc to Dad!

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