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A fabric covered flower pot is a great way to add colour and interest to a plain plant pot. Top it off with a length of ribbon trim.


Fabric covered plant pot
How to cover plant pot in fabric

To make one, you need a flower pot (I used both a ceramic one and a terracotta one), mod podge, and ribbon.

Roll your empty pot in the fabric and cut roughly to size, leaving about 5 cm at the top and bottom to tuck over and under. You should end up with a slight rainbow curve type shape. Paint your pot in mod podge and stick the fabric down, stretching the fabric to fit and smoothing out any creases as you go. Fold over the end to create a neat seem and glue down. Cut the fabric down from the top edge to the top of the pot at regular intervals and glue down the flaps of the fabric to the inside of your pot. Repeat at the bottom of your pot. Paint the bottom and top edge of the pot on top of the fabric with the mod podge for some water protection. Take your ribbon and stick around the pot with some double sided tape.

I used Jane Means violet stitched ribbon, Jane Means  olive stitched ribbon, double sided tape and Mod Podge. Pots and fabric from a selection I had at home.


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Fabric covered flower pots tutorial

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