It’s a new year and everyone is planning for the year, tidying up from the last one and organising themselves! All the things are about fresh starts and new beginnings. Do you tidy up for the new year? Make plans? Get organised? After I put away the Christmas decorations and clear the surfaces the house suddenly seems bigger.

It seems that space equals possibility – and possibility is a kind of hope, a hope that breeds creativity. And so the creative year begins.

I hope you find the space to be creative, I’ve found it is essential for well-being. It is my plan this year to bring encouragement and practical tutorials to you, so that you can find the space to make something beautiful.

I’ve made some things that help me to get organised this year, first in the kitchen and secondly a range of items that I’ve used in the bedroom.

Getting organised

Homework pen pot

Having used up my Christmas Tea I found I didn’t want to throw the tin away so it needed a new purpose.


It was almost a shame to cover up the beautiful design but I wanted something that fit in with the kitchen for spring. I use green in the kitchen as an accent and I’m heading for a green and pink trend on the dresser for this season. So I took off the lid, and covered it with some fabric, the same fabric that I used in my tea towels:

flower tea towel

I used double-sided tape to stick the fabric to the tin.


I added some ribbon trim too. penpot

The intention is for it to live on the dresser so that there are always pencils on hand for the children’s homework that they do at the kitchen table. There is a pencil stealing fairy in the house I’m sure of it!

Memo Frame

In order to help myself and the kids remember what after-school activities are on during the week I use a picture frame with some pretty paper and week letters in and a whiteboard pen.

weekly frame making for living

More storage

I find that clearing up is only possible with a pretty ruthless mindset and practical storage. If you are feeling the need for sensible and beautiful storage options then last year I made a range of storage pieces, maybe you’ll find a need for one of these yourself:

The jewellery mini suitcase:

jewellery box bracelet roll makingforliving

The earring frame:
How to make an earring holder frame

The scarf holder:

large hooks

The bedroom book/shoeshelves:

bookshelves making for living

Make space

And lastly if you can, make some space to get creative in:

ercol chair



6 ways to discover your creativity

6 ways cover

6 ways to discover your creativity e-mag & bonus printable manifestos.

Help to get more organised
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