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It seems a long way off today with the freezing temperatures currently outside, but Easter is only a few weeks away. Spring and Easter are a great time to decorate your home with fresh colours, I am so eagerly awaiting the freshness and new colours of spring as the plants blossom and beat off winter’s chilly greys.

This spring green Easter wreath features ribbon flowers and mini egg decorations:


The wreath is made on a polystyrene ring base, wrapped in canvas and ribbon, with ribbon flowers made with jane means ribbon and buttons, and wired eggs.

The ribbon flowers are made in different ways in tones of green with small accents of pink. I love the way the colours pop out against the neutral background, just like the emerging of spring blooms.



I made another one using blue and yellow fabric and added some fake flowers too.

blue and yellow wreath


With this one I added a nest made from raffia and some coloured wired eggs. Using blue and yellow fabrics gives this one a fresh feel.

I wrote a tutorial on ribbon roses here and a tutorial on how to make ribbon pompom flowers for shoes here. All of these can be added to an Easter wreath like the ones above.

You don’t need wired eggs, you could glue some small polystyrene ones that you have painted or decorated and affix with glue.

For another wreath idea see this post:

Easter wreath


Rustic Easter Wreath 

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An Easter wreath
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