There are many tutorials on how to make tissue paper pompoms out there. I have even made some myself, they are a sweet addition to a party and a good way to add colour to the decor. I wanted to create something similar for Easter decorations, but I wanted large egg-shaped ones. Initially I tried making egg-shaped pompoms but they didn’t work! So I came up with these honeycomb paper egg pompoms instead. It takes awhile to make the honeycomb paper but once you have you can cut it into any shape you want. I’m thinking pineapples for summer would be good!

honeycomb tissue paper egg pom poms

To make Paper Egg Pompoms

To make these you will need some tissue paper in colours you like, a sheet of paper, some card (I used a cereal box), glue stick, scissors and two colours of pen, a pencil, embroidery thread and a blunt needle.

To start with you need to cut squares of tissue paper to a little large than you want your finished egg to be. You will need about 50 sheets per egg.

Then take your sheet of paper, I used an A4 size and draw lines at equal distance vertically in alternate colours.

making honeycomb tissue paper.

You can just see my lines under the tissue in the photo above.

Then take a sheet of tissue paper and run lines of glue down one of the coloured lines. Stick a sheet of tissue down on top. Then run lines of glue down the OTHER colour lines and stick another tissue sheet down.

For the alternate colour eggs that I made I used 4 sheets of one colour and then four sheets of another. But you could do them all one colour or multicoloured!

Once you have glued about 50 sheets of tissue together. You will need 2 half egg shapes of card.


Make sure that when you butt them up to each other they make an actual egg shape. And they need to be exactly the same size and shape.

Place one half egg on the tissue and cut out an half egg shape from the glued together tissue paper.

half egg shaped card and tissue

Glue one shape of card to the tissue, glue the other piece of card to the other side of the tissue.

Take your embroidery thread and needle and make a hole at the top of the egg through both layers of card and layers of tissue. Tie the ends of your length of embroidery thread together.

needle through card to hang

Open out the egg shaped pompom and glue the two sides of card together, back to back.

easter egg shaped pompoms

Make some more paper egg pompoms and hang together.

honeycomb paper egg pompoms

Easter Egg pompoms


Egg shaped paper pompoms

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Easter paper egg pompoms
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