It’s Easter Weekend next weekend and it’s one of my favourite weekends of all the year. Of course that means getting creative to celebrate it in my home. What is a long weekend without some creative time? If you are looking for some inspiration I’ve collected my Easter makes here to give you some ideas. Happy Easter!

Easter Wreaths

How to make an Easter wreath. crafting and home decor site,
Rustic Easter wreath with moss
How to make an Easter wreath. Crafting and home decor site,
Easter wreath with ribbon flowers

Easter Egg Hunt bag

egg hunt bag
Make this egg hunt bag with embroidered chick.

Easter Egg decorating




Moss covered eggs how to.
Moss eggs for Easter


I have some more eggs to decorate which will be coming here soon.

Do you have any Easter traditions? Church, Chocolate, Egg hunts, Seeing the sun rise? We often have  boiled eggs and soldiers for breakfast on Sunday morning And what do you need to have eggs for breakfast? A beautiful egg cup and an egg cosy!

Here’s a collection of beautiful egg cups I love the bunny ones! And continue on down for an embroidered egg cosy tutorial designed by my friend Kirsty.

(From left to right)
1. PiP studio Ribbon Rose Egg cup. £2.80. John Lewis
2. Missprint egg cups. Set of four £18. John Lewis
3. Highgate Rose Hen Egg Cup. £6. Cath kidston
4.Bunny Easter Egg Cup. £5. Not on the high street
5. Handmade Egg Cup. £12. Not on the high street
6. Bunny Easter Egg Cup. £5. Not on the high street
7. Royal Albert Set of four fine bone China egg cups. £15.00. Debenhams
8. Bunny Easter Egg Cup. £5. Not on the high street
9. Pip Ribbon Rose Egg cup. £2.80. John Lewis
10. Set of four Egg Cup Buckets. £4.99. Lakeland
11. Hen and Toast Set of three Egg Cups. £29.95. Emma Bridgewater

Egg Cosy

green embroidered egg cosy

To make the egg cosy you will need:

2 pieces of fabric for lining, 2 pieces of felt for outer cosy, 1 egg shaped piece of felt, 120cm thread to blanket stitch around egg cosy, 150cm thread to oversew egg to cosy & fabric to felt, various threads to embroider onto egg. You will also need: A basic sewing kit including needle, scissors & pins.

Sew your design or pattern onto the felt egg. If you separate your thread into 3 strands it makes it easier to sew, with the exception of a french knot which works better with the full 6 strands.

Oversew your egg onto one of the felt cosy pieces leaving at least 1.5cm at the bottom of the felt.

Pin your cosy pieces together as follows: felt, 2 pieces of fabric (right sides together), felt.

Fold and fold again the fabric sticking out of the bottom, then pin and oversew to the felt, on both sides.

Finish by blanket stitching around the edge of the cosy, using fairly large stitches so that all of the layers of felt and fabric are sewn together.

Pop onto your boiled egg to keep it warm!

Easter makes, Egg cups and Cosies
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