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Egg hunt basket

To make this sweet little Easter egg hunt bag you will need 4 squares of felt about 12.5cm square, embroidery thread, buttons, yellow felt, ribbon.

Cut four squares of felt for the bag, two of the squares will be the inner of the bag so cut them a couple of millimetres smaller. Cut two lengths of ribbon for the handles. Stitch the handles to the inner squares.

felt squares

Cut a chick shape from yellow felt, stitch a button on for an eye and a small triangle for a beak. Using yellow embroidery thread, stitch the chick to one of the outer squares using overstitch, I stitched slightly under the chick which gives a scalloped edge to the chick which helps make the chick look fluffy! Stitch the chick a couple of legs. I then stitched on some flower shaped buttons on as flowers and stitched some grass.

Easter Chick

Stack up the squares of felt, with the inner squares with the handles in the middle. Stitch them all together using blanket stitch around the sides and bottom. I then stitched the top of each side of the bag using overstitch, which was easier around the ribbon handles.

This is a great little bag for an egg hunt or to fill with eggs as a gift.

Egg hunt basket

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Easter Egg hunt bag
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