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Recently I wrote a post on how to make my logo coffee coasters with a wood burning pen. I’ve been using the pen again. This time for a harvest or thanksgiving themed wooden sign for a autumnal display on my dresser in the kitchen. Autumn is my favourite season. There is so much about it that I love. It’s the smell of wood burning, the colours of the leaves in the trees that are so rich, warm and dynamic as they change. I love the waning mellow sunlight. I love seeing your breath on cold mornings and it is more new year to me than January, with the start of the school year here in the UK. I’m always ready to put on an extra layer of clothes and cosy up near to wood fires. There is something quite romantic about the crisp frosts and misty mornings. I love the food, apples and blackberries, sweetcorn and soups.

autumn corn

We have a tradition of Harvest festival here in the UK, much like thanksgiving in the US, it’s a time to thank God for the food that he’s provided and has been ‘safely gathered in’. In the market towns and rural villages there will be Harvest festivals and my children will have a school harvest service where fruits, vegetables and produce are brought in to give to those in need. That’s another thing I love, the chance to be generous with food which is so essential to life. I love what the Food banks are doing in this country and our church will have a collection of food for the charity Besom which does great work helping those in tough situations.

tractor display

So what better way decorate for harvest or thanksgiving than to dress the dresser. When decorating for harvest or thanksgiving naturally the focus is around food, the kitchen and eating! I themed the dresser with autumnal colours and decorated plates.

autumnal dresser

english pottery jug


autumn eggcups


harvest thanksgiving plate

How to make the Harvest Season Sign

I made a Harvest Season sign by painting and then burning a piece of wood.

The wood was a left over piece from the  IKEA Rast drawers hack that I did in the summer. It’s just a plain plank from the DIY store. First I sanded it to give the edges a bit of a worn, rough edged look.

I mixed together some Antibes Green and Duck egg blue to get the green colour I wanted, I wanted a muted almost duck egg green, to suit the green accents in the Kitchen. I painted the wood and left to dry.

green paint

Then painted a coat of Old White over the green. After that had dried I sanded the edges and all over so that some of the green showed through for an aged effect.

white layer

I measured the wood and created the Harvest Season text to fit the wood, on the computer. I printed it out with the flip horizontally box ticked  and then transferred the text to the sign with the water and rubbing method. (See my coffee coaster post for more details on how to do this).

transferred text harvest season

I then burnt the text with the wood burning pen. It took some time as you need to burn through the layers of paint first and then the new wood which was hard pine but it’s not supposed to look perfect. It’s a rustic aged look I was going for. I added one of my left over temporary tattoos that I had used on the card make last week and just perched it on the dresser. Honestly I’m not totally sure about the graphic on the end, I think the arrows sort of work well maybe for a thanksgiving theme in the US but I may change it, by burning in a graphic element.

harvest season sign makingforliving

Here’s another sign I made a while ago with the wood burning pen. I made it with some driftwood I found. It is a lot easier to burn into already softened wood and driftwood is perfect for this.

wood burnt sign

This sign was made in the same way by designing the text and the bird graphic on my mac first and transferring it to the wood from a print out with water and rubbing and then using the wood burning pen. This sign hangs in our hallway.

Well I wish you a truly blessed harvest season. Do you decorate for Harvest, Autumn or Thanksgiving? Have you tried doing any wood burning yet? Do you like to decorate with words to set a tone or theme? Have you tried mixing Annie Sloan chalk paint to come up with your own unique colours? I’d love to know.

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Decorating for Harvest or Thanksgiving – wooden sign making
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