You may have noticed there’s been a resurgence in crochet the last few years, nearly all my creative friends have taken it up and it’s becoming popular . While granny chic is totally a thing, this post is about a crochet project that is more modern in style and is not crochet as your grandma would know it.

I like crocheting with t-shirt yarn and have made a pouffe this way, it keeps leaking it’s stuffing over the floor, so I will post a photo when I’ve fixed it! T-shirt yarn is certainly a modern way to crochet but have your ever thought of crocheting with something other than wool or cotton? How about rope? I made this mat with rope, well, cotton washing line to be exact. It’s a braided cotton rope with a strengthening plastic line inside.

crochet rope rug

I just used four lots of this stuff:

This mat is really simple to make, uses braided cord or rope and doesn’t take very long to make. I think it adds a touch of nautical style. I ordered the rope at two different times so ended up with slightly different colours. It gives a two tone effect.

crocheted rope mat

How to make a crochet a rope mat

I used a large hook, a 12mm one, you may need a larger one if your rope is thicker. Crochet a row of 30 single crochet loops. Then do triple crochet into each loop, with an extra single crochet at the end of the line, turn and repeat for five more rows or however wide a mat you want to make it. When you get to the end of a length of rope, knot the next length using a reef knot and continue with the crochet. When you get to the end, knot the rope and tuck it in. The knots will sit on the underside of the mat.

Reef knot

This is how I remember how to tie a reef or square knot. Right over left and under, left over right and under. (Thanks Brownies!)

It’s great for keeping the dirt off the carpet as a doormat, this one sits in my lounge, by the patio doors through which we go in and out of the garden.

But it could work equally as well as a bath mat.

crochet bath mat


Here’s an image to save this tutorial for later

Crochet rope mat rug pattern. Free, easy DIY tutorial for a chunky floor mat with cotton rope. How to make a rectangle crochet rug.

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It’s crochet, but not as your Grandma knows it.
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