When you are bogged down in an admin day or chasing the children around, it’s hard to feel that you have done anything creative. You may not have time to take a breath, let alone feel that you’ve had the luxury of creative time. You haven’t noticed that you have been creative in a million little ways, but you have. When you found a solution to your child’s problem, when you made that meal, when you smiled, when you finished that spreadsheet. When you had a thought about how to do something better. Perhaps what you haven’t had time for, is the time to stop, slow and notice your creativity.

Sometimes you need that extra few seconds to breathe in that moment, so you can breathe out creativity again. Sometimes we need to be intentional about creating something that speaks to our souls.

My favourite quick way to get creative is to take a photo. Nearly every day I take a photo on my iPhone. Because I like to post to Instagram I usually have to arrange things first to make a pleasing to the eye picture. Or decide on what is in the frame that people will appreciate. Then I will edit those photos (see this post here for tips) and will write a small caption. I like to do this because I know that I have chased down or created beauty in my day. It doesn’t take too long and it does help me to stop and think, and be present in that moment. When I have created something pretty or written some words down, I notice what my soul is saying and responding to. I slow down, take a breath and appreciate beauty.

I like to scroll through inspiring images on Instagram, those little squares can give insight to friends days, thoughts, places but also it is a visual rest for the soul. A space of beautiful squares breathed into being. It is like an art gallery in your hand. When I need to take some time and appreciate beauty that elevates my spirit, when I need to breathe deeply, I can usually find some inspiring pictures and words on Instagram.

Do you like to take photos on your phone? Are you on Instagram? I made some phone wallpaper for you to encourage you to keep on being creative. To steal those seconds and notice the beauty, notice your creativity. They are free to download below, you can also find them along with other free downloads in the new free gift store, see the menu bar to get there.

‘Create, Make, Breathe & Live’ iphone 6 screen:
iphone6screencmbl.jpg (104 downloads)

‘Creativity Takes Courage Dream & Be Brave’ iphone 6 screen:
iphone6dream.jpg (100 downloads)

‘The Lord is my shepherd, he restores my soul’ iphone 6 screen:
iphone6screenshepherd.jpg (97 downloads)

‘Creativity doesn’t have to be complicated’ iphone 6 screen:
iphone6screencreativity.jpg (105 downloads)

Creativity doesn’t have to be complicated. One quick way to be creative with your iPhone.
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