I’ve struggled with an idea of what to post this week. I usually try to write a creative tutorial once a week and this week I’m not sure what to post. I’ve not felt a need to make too much this week. I’ve wanted to write more. I’ve had the idea for this article in my head for a while and much like when I wrote about creativity and failure writing it out often helps me to clarify and formulate my thoughts. I want to write about creating meaning in our creativity and going further with the purpose of Making for Living. I hope that this will give you food for thought as you think about being creative in your life too.

creating meaning

Taking stock

With the beginning of the year most people take stock and think about what they are doing, whether it is fruitful, bringing them joy, working, giving a sense of purpose, working towards a goal and such things. I have done the same around this website or blog. I love writing here and this site is an outlet for my creativity and a vehicle for learning new skills. But more than serving me I want it to serve my readers. I’m thinking around how can I stay on focus, on brand if you like and for the site to be the best it can.

Creating meaning

I want to write about creativity and meaning: creating meaning. I think that January is not the most inspiring month. The weather is bleak, the Christmas decorations are down. We’re in clear out, tidy up, re-think, refocus, restart mode and that can mean down time while you figure it all out. One thing that I have noticed and felt more drawn to, is to write more meaning into and around what I am making. When I have posted tutorials I feel that not everyone is going to want or have a need to make this particular thing. So I have looked at writing more around the making, giving it a frame, a waxing lyrical (!) about the mood, mode, purpose of the particular thing I’ve made. Hoping that the post can serve more than just the practical nature of the tutorial and inspire readers even if they are not going to follow the tutorial. I loved trying this out  in the Rosemary Wreath post that I wrote in December.

Visual representation

I was pondering this when I was designing a brand identity and logo this week for something else. I always start with what I want the logo to visually represent, what values I want to imbibe. How can the picture mean something. What can it say and represent visually. So it is the same with when I create. I want it to mean something, have a purpose and evoke something. This may be taking it too far and there are certainly times I would advocate making just for makings sake; the working of the hands so that the brain gets to work or the making to increase talent or skill and the importance of process. But my best work, the stuff I want to share, I want to write about in a deeper way. I want to use it as a conduit for talking about the real stuff, the life stuff, the meaning.

I’m not going off on a philosophical or religious slant but part of the inspiration of what I do is my faith and I feel we are all here trying to make sense of it all, life and how we live it.

I find meaning in knowing that I am loved by God and that there is a purpose, a calling, something that he has given me to do in my life and really all that is, is to live close to him, his leading and his stuff; *the true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious—the best, the beautiful, things to praise.* And the best way I know how to do this is with the tools of creativity that he has given me. The making, writing and designing.

Going further

This being said, I am committing to going further and writing more, but I want it to be what you, my readers want, this blog is nothing if it does not serve the readers.

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I’m looking forward to the answers and creating a better post next week. If you are missing a creative tutorial then look out for my sunday supplement post where I’ll share some of my favourite creative blogger’s tutorials! Don’t forget you can subscribe to get posts delivered to your email inbox.

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Creating meaning
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