Today I’d like to introduce a new series of makes called ‘Copper Trend’. If you love the copper items in home decor that can be seen in shops then I have some copper DIY decor to inspire you. When I ran the blog survey a few weeks ago, it seemed that a lot of you enjoyed and remembered the Wreath Wednesday series I posted in the lead up to Christmas. I was looking for a new series to start and had a few ideas around copper items that I thought you would love.

copper lampshade

And just to confuse you I also have a lampshade makeover series that I’m also launching which and this lampshade fits both series – confused yet?! Don’t worry, it’s just a way for you to follow makes in the copper trend or made-over lampshades in multiple ways. I’ll be adding the logos to the homepage for you to see the makes by grouping.

copper trend logo
Check out my snazzy new series logos!


So my hallway in my rental home is pretty bland, and I have introduced some copper items. I was inspired by the retro doorbell which has metallic chime poles.


How to add an inexpensive copper accent.

I wanted to add some metallic copper accents. The lampshades that were in place when we moved in were two retro glass shades, which whilst are stylish I wanted to give them a modern edge. I added some copper trim.

copper lampshades

Copper is a beautiful, warm metallic and works well in a hallway where you want the welcome to be warm. The amazing item I used for this DIY – wait for it:

slug barrier tape

Yep and the best thing; it came from the pound shop too!

It’s a thin tape but removable so keeps the landlord happy. I stuck some to a trimmed length of card, that I measured to fit a width of the glass shades pattern design, and then stuck it to the shade.

It’s a fabulous, inexpensive and temporary way to bring the original mid century modern look right up to date with a modern, on trend twist. I’m really pleased with the outcome.



More lampshades to come soon!


More Copper trend to come soon…





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Copper trend lampshade

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