It is Easter next weekend and it is early this year, and has snuck up on me a little. I wanted to get all creative this week and decorate for Easter but I may not get around to all that I wanted to do! Isn’t that so often the way? Due to doing all the things, the meaning and purpose of something gets lost in the fripperies, the extras and the decorations.

So of course I have to prioritise all the decorating ideas to make the celebration meaningful. I want the main thing to stay the main thing. For me and my family that main thing is celebrating the Hope that we have in Christ. The hope from his death and resurrection and the renewing of our relationship with God.

My only hope of a meaningful life, my only hope of a life in the ever after.

So I am pasting HOPE to the wall to declare this hope of new life in Christ.

easter hope wreath

To make this Easter Copper Wall Art Wreath

Whilst planning my copper trends series, I came across these copper wire wreath forms.

copper wire wreath forms

I bought four of these from Ebay. I placed them on top of each other and wired them together in place at the centre where they overlapped.

copper wire wreath forms

Before adding the hope letters this week, I have had the rings hanging on the wall as copper wall art.

copper wall art rings

I cut out the letters; H O P E from card and stuck some craft moss to them, I used pva glue. Last year I used this moss in this Easter Wreath.

moss covered hope copper wreath

copper wreath easter wall art

Above you can see the copper wreath in the hallway with the copper candle holder and copper accent lampshade from previous posts.

Follow along the copper trend home makes and for more ideas on how to create a meaningful home by subscribing here:

Easter Copper Wall Art Wreath
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