One of the ways I warm up the home in Autumn is to add some Autumn colour and tones. The seasonal colours of red, orange and brown are perfect to warm up decor when it’s cooling outside and you want it warm and cosy inside.

I added some orange felt gerberas to my seasonal display.

Autumn vignette makingforliving

I was inspired by this plate that I bought from West Elm in the summer to add accents of orange to the blue that mainly features in my living space.

If you want to make some felt orange gerberas you will need some felt, the best quality you can find. I use paper and string’s heathered felt in cinder toffee colour. (Isn’t that a beautiful colour name?) With felt the higher the wool content the better quality felt you get. You can tell the difference in how well it cuts, holds shape and colour. I also used some of their premium wool orange felt, to get a subtle difference in tone to the flower. You will also need some florist’s wire, scissors and fabric glue.


Cut two circles of felt, one roughly the size of flower that you want and one slightly smaller. As you can see I didn’t use a template, the circles don’t have to be perfect. I used the heathered felt for the smaller circle that will go in the front of the flower as I wanted to see more of that colour.

Orange felt flower

Going around each of the circles, cut petal shapes with rounded tops.

Felt flower

Stack the circles, and glue together in the centre only.

Orange Felt flower

Cut a strip of felt about 1.5cm wide and 25cm long. Glue along the long edge and fold over to stick down the two long edges.1FeltGerbera


Cut along the non glued edge at about 5mm intervals and about half way down the strip then about half way along the strip make the intervals a little wider.


Glue along the non cut long edge again and roll up to make your flower centre. Glue it to the centre of your petals.


Take 5 lengths of florist’s wire, the length of flower stem that you want. Twist the ends together at one end and then make a small spiral with them. Then twist the wires together by taking two wires and winding it around the other three.


Glue to the back of your flower, by cutting 2 small squares of felt glue one square to the back of the flower and sandwich the wire spiral between the other square.



Make some more and group together in a stem vase or bottle. Warm sunny happy flowers for Autumn!


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Colour up for Autumn with Orange Felt Gerberas
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