One of the difficulties in decorating when you are renting is the inability to add colour to the walls by way of painting. Even if you own, sometimes you want to trial a colour in a room or want neutral coloured walls but want to add colour in some way. I wanted to add some colour in the kitchen. This corner of my kitchen was looking rather dull. I wanted to add some warmth and colour. See how all the details are on the counter. The walls needed something as this culinary corner was all looking rather bottom heavy, and no one wants a heavy bottom!


Another problem when renting is often fixtures that you don’t like but can do nothing about. Let’s ignore those fussy cupboard handles for the moment and look at this monster:

ugh strip light

hmm, attractive. I hate strip lights! They look so utilitarian and not in a funky way. And the light they give off is so, well, functional. It’s harsh and hard. I avoid using it because I hate it so much but this end of the kitchen really does need lighting. So I bought a mason jar light which I love.

jar lamp makingforliving

But sitting on the counter the light gets lost amongst the stuff around it.

wooden boards

The light needed lifting. I had a little shelf that was red but I’m using green in the kitchen. So I mixed some Annie Sloan chalk paint to get the colour I wanted. I used Duck egg blue and Antibes green, French gray and a touch of Old white to get a duck egg country green.

I painted the shelf and the spice rack in this colour.

green shelf

green mulberry kitchen


The room still needed some more colour I wanted to tie in the mulberry pink colour of the kitchen aid mixer with the green so I made a tea towel in some fabric which uses these colours. I totally stole this idea from my friend Mel who showed me some beautiful tea towels she had made. Tea towels are such a great way to add colour to the kitchen and if you can’t find any the right colour, you can make them from a heavy cotton fabric. I literally just cut a tea towel size oblong from the fabric and hemmed it.

flower tea towel

But the walls still needed some colour so I designed some prints in the green colour, printed and framed them and hung them on the walls. The prints are a hand brushed watercolour lettering of kitchen themed sayings. Simple and stylish.

ready bake print makingforliving


Similar light on

The after picture:

kitchenafter making for living

It’s not that dramatic but the colour is more even, and you can’t even believe what a difference having that light instead of the strip one makes. It’s too hard to show in the photos. Another top tip, use a display plate stand as an ipad stand. If you are anything like us, a lot of our recipes come from online so using the plate stand as an ipad holder acts much like how a recipe book stand would.

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