I covered a chair in a coffee sack! Ok so it’s not a perfect job, I needed to use the chair quickly and it desperately needed a little attention.

Coffee sack covered chair

I have a local coffee roastery that will sell you coffee sacks cheaply and they were perfect for this quick job. I needed to use the chair this week so the covering had to be quick as this is how the chair looked before:


Not very attractive!

First I covered the seat with the sack, cut it down to size and tucked it in at the back. I stapled it to the wooden frame of the chair underneath the seat. I folded in the sack at the corners and stapled under. I then covered the front of the chair back with a sack that I cut to size so that it just went around to the back of the chair sides, I cut another piece that covered the back, folded the edges under and tacked this piece and the front piece together to the top and side of the chair back. In total I used less than two sacks for this chair.

Coffee sack chair back


Coffee sack chair back

I may varnish or paint the legs eventually but for now the lived in look suits! I also made a cushion from a sack, covered a pinboard and have plans to make a large curtain to cover some shelving. For the cushion, I used two old pads inside the corner of a sack, so no need to sew two sides of the cushion, I cut down the extra sacking at the top. At the side of the cushion I cut the sacking down with a 10cm distance from the pad, I folded this flap over and sewed the up the long side and then the flap down to the back side of the cushion with orange embroidery thread. I love how the ‘s’ on the coffee sack cushion matches the orange cushion beside.

Will post photos of the curtain and the whole room when it’s all done!

coffee sack cushion

Coffee sack covered pinboard

The theme for the lounge room that these items are in, is world view and I’m using a colour pop/cafe/rustic vibe for the other elements in the room. It was a rush job initially to get furniture and accessories in quickly and with limited budget but there are still some tweeks needed!

It’s amazing what a difference you can make to the feel of a room with very little. I know that environment has a huge effect on people, how they feel, how they behave and it’s great to be able change a room and therefore make a positive change for people who have to use the room.



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Coffee sack covered chair
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