Do you love coffee? Is the first thing you do in the morning to grab for that warm mug of coffee? I do. Coffee is my go to in the mornings and it’s my wake up call. I rarely can function without my first cup of coffee. This coaster is an homage to coffee for the coffee lover/addict! Why not brand some cork coasters with my coffee logo design?

It’s an update to the coastal coasters that I featured earlier in the year. I turned them over to make this autumnal themed coaster. I’ve wanted to try some more projects using my wood-burning pen, so I started with wood-burning cork coasters.

coffee coaster

To make you will need an inkjet print out of my pdf template, (Coffee coasters template), cork coasters, a word-burning pen tool, a brush and some water.

Coffee logo printable
The printable pdf looks like this.

I used round cork coasters that were 10cm in diameter, if you have a different size you may need to resize your print out to fit. When printing out the template, use a best, not quick print so that you get a good amount of ink on the paper and you will need to flip it so that it prints out back to front. This may be different depending on your printer dialogue box it looks like this in mine, note the flip horizontally boxed ticked:

Screen Shot

Cut out a circle from your print out using the outer faint line. Flip over the paper and place down on your coaster.

template face down makingforliving

Next take your brush and wet the paper, dab the paper and don’t make it too sodden, you don’t want to tear the paper.

wet template makingforliving

Take the handle of a paint brush or a pen lid and press and rub over the lines and text.

brush handle makingforliving

The paper will look like this after you have gone over the lines and stars and text.

after rubbing makingforliving

It should transfer the image to the coaster a bit like this:

transferred image makingforliving

Which is almost perfect, you could just trace with a Sharpie pen or paint and seal with a spray sealer if you wanted to. But I went over the image with my wood-burning pen.

woodburning pen makingforliving

My pen comes with attachments for the pen part. I just used it as is with no attachment. If it’s your first time using one of these it’s worth practicing with the different pen heads and how much pressure you need to make to burn the surface you are using. And be careful, it gets very hot!

Here’s the finished coaster.

coffee coaster makingforliving

If you want to pin this for later, why not use this image?

Make a coffee coaster. Printable coffee logo. Cork coaster. Wood burning pen or sharpie and sealer.


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Coffee Coasters – wood-burning cork coasters
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