Coasters make a sweet hostess gift especially if they have been handmade. They are also a good way to compliment or theme your decor. At home I like to make a few changes in decor to reflect each season. These coastal coasters with their beach and nautical theme bring a taste of summer at the beach to the home.

beach nautical coasters

To make these you will need some cork coasters, round or square, cutting mat and knife, printable Coastalcoastertemplates pdf, spray mount/glue, craft paint and acrylic sealer.

Coastal coaster template

Print out my templates and check they are the right size for your coasters. With a paper scalpel/knife cut out the shapes on a cutting mat.

Spray the templates with spray mount or glue. This is the best kind!

Stick to the coaster.

Paint the shape onto the coaster with craft acrylic paint. I used 4 different shades of blue but you could use just one colour. Repeat with the other shapes.

When the paint on the coasters is dry, spray the coasters with an acrylic sealer. This is the one I use.

This will help with waterproofing the paint.

You could tie with some complimentary ribbon to make a lovely gift.

Add ribbon to the coastal coasters to make a sweet gift.

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Coastal coasters
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