Pantone’s colours of the year

Pantone’s colours of the year 2016 are Rose Quartz and Serenity. It’s the first time they have named two colours as their colours of the year, usually it is just one main colour and a group of others that they’ve chosen. The truth is if you are not a designer you probably don’t care that much!

pantone curtains

As graphic designers we use Pantone swatch books and palettes to choose and colour correct, printed and screen colours. More recently Pantone are now a big brand and release lots of products in their colours. You will see lots of items in the shop in these colours this year.


I happen to love these colours and used shades of pink and blue in my bedroom makes last year. When using blue it can feel a little cold so using it with another colour can warm it up a bit. I’ve avoided pink as it’s not my favourite of colours but in pastel shades I am coming round to it! Pantone say of their colours:


They are perfect to create a sense of tranquility in the bedroom where you rest and sleep. Last year I used chalk paint in pink and blue in my bedroom bookshelves and the IKEA bedside drawers.

chalk paint making for living

Pantone watercolour curtains

When you are renting, curtains can be a real problem. I find that I have a whole selection of curtains that worked in previous houses but don’t fit the windows in the next. Either there are no curtains or they are not to your style or suit your decor. Also you don’t want to spend lots on curtains when you don’t necessarily know how long you will be in that house.

I liked lots of the watercolour effects that I was seeing on fabrics and in fashion and wanted something similar for the curtains. I couldn’t find what I was looking for. So I decided to make my own. I didn’t share them last year as they are not perfect by any means and I think I need to make some changes to them but if you want to get the result I did then I’m sharing the technique!

I wanted a painterly, watercolour effect and was inspired by the skies that you get at sunset or sunrise when you get colours of pink and blue together. I tried to capture a sky like that here:

pantone sky

Dying fabric with Chalk Paint

I used a cotton dust sheet like this:

You need to check that it is large enough for your window and allow for some shrinkage and that it is cotton, without a polythene backing. You could use cotton sheeting or fabric instead, I used dust sheets as they were cheap.

I used a tub like this:

I cut my dust sheet in half and added half a tester pot of chalk paint to the tub and filled it half full with water. I soaked the sheet in water then placed half of the sheet in the tub with the other half draped over the edge of the tub. For each curtain I used half a tub of paint.

I left them for a day and went back occasionally to stir up the water.

I then dried them in the dryer on high heat and dyed the other half of the curtains in the same way the following day.

I added curtain heading tape to the curtains and hung them.

pantone curtains

The truth bit:

I haven’t added lining to the curtains as the track (landlord installed) they are on is lightweight and I thought that adding lining would make the curtains too heavy and would pull the track off the wall. The curtains aren’t as long as they should be and I am undecided whether to add some kind of trim to the bottom to lengthen them. Over all I’m happy with the dying results and colour – it was my first time dying with chalk paint.


Other pink and blue makes from the bedroom:


jewellery box bracelet roll makingforliving

Mini suitcase jewellery case

rast makeover 2 makingforliving

IKEA RAST drawers country style makeover


scarf hanger makingforliving

Crate and finial scarf hanger

lovecanvas makingforliving

Love heart canvas

disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links of course.

Chalk Paint Pantone curtains
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