Don’t you just love having flowers in the home? There is something attractive about fresh blooms. Some of my most liked photos on Instagram are the ones with jugs of flowers in. I try to have fresh flowers around at home most of the time. But they need buying most weeks and sometimes I forget to or the budget is a little tight for the seeming extravagance of flowers. It almost seems a shame that their beauty is fleeting and they wither up too soon. I have come up with a way to capture some beautiful petals for longer. What better way to capture them and light up their beauty by using them in a floral lampshade?

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petal floral lampshade

To make this floral lampshade you will need:

Some pressed rose petals, I used some heavy books and pressed mine between paper, but you could use a flower press.

You will also need some white greaseproof paper, a laminator and matt laminator sheets, some spray mount, wire and strong double sided tape. (amazon affiliate links below)

Cut a piece of greaseproof paper the same size as your laminate sheet.

greaseproof paper roll


Place your paper lengthways and arrange your petals as you wish on the sheet.

pressed flower petals

I used some yellow and pink rose petals. Spray mount the back of these petals and stick to the greaseproof paper in place. Use the flattest petals you can.

Place the sheet with the petals inside your matt laminate wallet and put through the laminator. You will need to make two sheets this way.

Using strong double sided sticky tape, stick the two sheets together at the short edges to create a circular tube.

lampshade circle

Make small holes at regular intervals around the top edge of your tube.

floral petal lampshade

I used a metal hole punch but you could use a paper punch.

Using your wire make a circle that is the same size as the diameter of your tube. So that it fits just inside the top snugly. Loop together.

wire ring

Make a small circle that will fit over the bayonet of your lamp cable holder thingy and with a long length attach it to the inside of your larger ring, so that the small circle fits in the centre of the ring.

gold wire lamp frame

Take two more lengths of wire and attach to the small ring in the middle and to the larger ring.

top of lampshade

Make some small loops from the wire.

gold wire loops

Thread them through the holes in the shade and use them to hold the wire ring in place. Close them up


closing up the loops

top of lampshade

Screw to your lightbulb fitting to hang from your lamp shade and there you have it. A lit-up floral petal lampshade.

petal lampshade


Here’s a image for you to pin for later.

pin for later

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Capture flower petals for a floral lampshade
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4 thoughts on “Capture flower petals for a floral lampshade

    • 18th April 2016 at 2:39 pm

      Thanks Natasha,it was great to see you too, it was a great day yesterday! x

  • 18th April 2016 at 5:58 pm

    That’s so pretty, and would suit field cottage to a tee! Must use my flower press this year 🙂

    • 18th April 2016 at 7:12 pm

      thank you and yes do it! I found my old flower press after using books and paper for these, I’m sure the press will flatten the petals better too.


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