I like pompoms, woolly balls of fluffy texture are appealing and large ones on top of little woolly hat covered heads in the winter are so cute. Lately there has been a resurgence in the popularity of pom-poms and no doubt some of this is due to the ingenious pompom makers. No longer the time-consuming effort of winding wool through cardboard rings that I remember from Brownies. The plastic pompom makers make the process a lot quicker and easier and come in a range of sizes. I used a set of three different sizes for today’s make.

I am currently changing up the entrance/hallway to my home and rethinking some of the elements. I have a focal wall that greets you as you come in and a heart-shaped welcome wreath and my wood burnt Partridge sign. They are a little neutral in colour though and a bit plain and I wanted to add some warmth to the welcome. My first thought is to have something woollen and textured to add warmth. I love the woven wall hangings that seem to be popping up over the internet-land, and they seem a more grown up and sophisticated use of wool than the humble pom-pom. But I don’t have a loom large enough and for the size of piece I wanted I thought it would take too long.

 pom-pom wreath

Can pom-poms be sophisticated?

Pom-poms have a slightly quirky reputation and this is helped by the bright primary colours that they are often made in. I’m not too much of a fan of primary colours in my living spaces I like a more natural palette with the occasional pop of colour to accent. So I made a pom-pom wreath using colours that appeal and complement the other items in the area. I had some large cones of wool that I picked up in a charity shop in natural tones of brown and petrol blue and I added some bright little sparks of blue and green to go with some cushions on the bench, and a candle stick that I did have on the table. (whole other story to that coming soon!)

The how-to bit

It really is a simple make if you want to make one. You’ll need a good amount of wool in different colours and thicknesses, a glue gun and a cardboard ring for the back. Make a good array of pom-poms or if you want you can buy some from Etsy, arrange them randomly on a cardboard ring and glue them down! I hung mine with a plaited loop of yarn tied around the wreath but you could use ribbon or a hook on the back of the ring. So what do you think, can pom-poms be sophisticated?

New series launch

I’m a big fan of wreaths, working in the round really appeals to me and I have made a few different types over the years. Next week I am launching a new series: Wreath Wednesday. With the lead up to Christmas (dare I mention it this early?!) I will be featuring a different wreath each Wednesday. Hopefully nearer the big day I will be posting photos of wreaths on Instagram that I see on front doors! So follow me over there for further inspiration too.


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Can pompoms be sophisticated?
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