Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the choice of decorations for Christmas? Do you want a calm Christmas? Do you want to make decorations but you want simple ideas that won’t cost a lot and yet still look stylish? Feel like you don’t have time to make Christmas decorations but really want to get creative as long as it is simple, quick, affordable and yet gorgeous? Is the thought of decorating for another Christmas just too much and the shops just have too much choice? And you feel it would be simpler to make something.

star-decoration calm Christmas

You know that when you slow down to make something you feel calm, you know that it is possible to make some decorations that don’t cost a fortune. You feel virtuous when at least some of your decorations are handmade. You know that when you make Christmas decorations that you’ll use them again and again and will be glad that you have the memories of putting your own touch to the season. You know that when you make meaningful decorations they touch your heart and you also want to encourage your children that not everything has to be bought to look stylish.

Angel calm christmas

The Calm Christmas ebook is just for you. It has eight project tutorials to make Christmas decorations that you can use again and again, have some creative time making and slow yourself down, whilst having a break from the frenetic pace of the season. The beautiful photos of stylish makes use a calming colour palette, they evoke the peace of the season which helps to give meaning to the celebration of the year. They are simple to make so the process is calm and yet the result is stylish. If you are looking for ideas to create decorations for your Christmas, this is the book for you.

For only £5 you can create calm.

(And for Giving Tuesday 50% of the price goes to the charity Mind)

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