It’s spring! As I try to make seasonally themed items, when thinking about this season’s blog posts I think about what spring means, brings and represents to me and what I can make along these lines.

Spring: bird chirping and nesting, flowers blooming, april showers, pastel colours, lighter clothes, lighter and longer days, warmer weather, promise of new life in nature, daffodils, tulips, primroses, pansies, blossom. I have a spring themed pinterest board that can often be my go to for inspiration.

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I think there may be a strong bird theme to my next few makes!

Egg nest jewellery

We made these birds nest necklaces at a Makeve (crafts evenings that I used to run with a friend). They were popular and I love them. They are perfect for spring and if you’d like to make them here’s the tutorial:

You will need: Silver chain or leather cord and crimp end and trigger clasp, about 2m gold or silver wire, 3 blue or speckled beads, wire working tools.

If using cord you will need to cut to length, and attach a crimp to each end of the cord and a clasp to one of the crimps with a jump ring (silver circle ring). Take your 2m length of wire and thread your 3 beads onto one end, leaving about 5cm of wire behind them. Wind them around in a circle, and secure the end around the wire. With the long end, make lots of crinks/crimps, bends along the whole length, basically just mess it up! Then wind around the three beads in the centre, making a nest around them. When you are happy with the size of the nest and leaving at least 50cm of wire, make a loop at the top for hanging and a few twists beneath it to hold, then start weaving the wire over and around the nest holding the circles together. Then make a spiral of wire at the back of the nest to create the bottom of the nest and trim any left over wire. Thread your birds nest onto your chain or cord and wear.

For the earrings you will need: 2 ball wires (earring bits!) 2 pin wires, 2 matching beads and 4 matching smaller beads, wire working tools.

Thread one smaller bead onto a pin wire, then your larger bead, then another smaller bead onto the wire. Use your pliers to bend the pin wire 5mm above the top of your top bead to 90 degrees. Trim the pin wire with the wire cutters so that there is about 5mm left. Curve the end with the pliers leaving the loop slightly open. Hook onto the ball wire (earring hook) and close up the loop on the pin wire (dangle bit)! Repeat with another earring to make a pair.

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Birds nest necklace and egg earrings
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