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I love to read and usually have a pile of books beside my bed. My bedside table was no longer working for book storage. I needed some bedroom bookshelves. I came across this bookshelf from a local charity shop and thought it was the right height for under my bedroom window, the main case was made of real wood and I liked the shape. It was perfect for a bookshelves makeover. I started painting before remembering to take a photo!

bookshelves makingforliving
Bedroom Bookshelves – almost before!

I noticed some little grooves where it was likely that the shelves had some glass sliding doors at some point, I liked this little feature, that adds character.

shelvegrooves makingforliving

Our bedroom is a mismatched hotch potch of furniture, this year I have decided to do something about this and make the space more unified and fitting to my taste. Our last three homes have been rentals and I have resisted investing too much in my bedroom space because I have not felt it was worth it whilst I knew we’d be living somewhere for a short time. The bedroom furniture has been a mishmash for too long and I wanted to design a space that is relaxing and romantic.

love heart makingforliving
Embroidered lavender love heart

I already use blue and pink as the main colours in bedding and artwork. But the bed is pine, there is one grey painted bedside table, a gold Lloyd Loom basket  (whose top needs covering) functioning as a another bedside table, old yellow painted drawers and a new basic IKEA white wardrobe. In comes the chalk paint!

henrietta annie sloan chalk paint makingforliving
Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Henrietta

For this piece I wanted to go for a shabby chic, distressed look that is soft and muted for the bedroom. I decided to use chalk paint as I know I can achieve this look with it. I painted the bookshelf first with a coat of Annie Sloan chalk paint in Henrietta, then discovered that the furniture was probably from the 40’s or 50’s and the brown varnish (or layers of Pledge) started to seep through, as you are warned it may on the can. So I coated the shelves with a primer and re-did the pink. I painted the pink only on areas that I knew I would distress, ie. where the furniture might naturally be worn due to age, to save on paint usage. This meant I only needed one small tester pot of Henrietta paint.

Pink paint before I then had to cover it with primer!

Then I painted 2 layers of Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White on top. If you have used this paint before you will know that to finish a piece and protect the paint you need to wax the furniture after painting. I waxed the shelf with Annie Sloan’s clear wax and then distressed the edges of the shelf with some sandpaper so that some of the pink showed through. I love the result and the look is just what I was going for. It is soft, aged and subtle.

distressedshelfside makingforliving
Distressed feature
distressdetails makingforliving
Distressing ‘naturally’ worn areas

I placed the shelf under the window and put some of my shoes which also needed a home, on the bottom shelf, I like this shoes as art look! I added the books and some baskets.

bookshelves making for living
It’s hard to get a good full shot of the shelves in situ!

If displaying shoes, put the toes out, they are just more pretty to look at than the heels!

shoesonshelf makingforliving
Shoes on a shelf – toes out for display

I dressed the shelf with some pieces from around my home that fit with the pink and blue, romantic feel.

lovecanvas makingforliving
Stitched love heart canvas with blue mother of pearl buttons

The whole look features made items (of course!) I made the Love heart canvas, the hydrangea is from the garden, the bottle I stuck some lace around. Lace is soft and romantic for a bedroom, I love using ribbon on a wooden spool to add colour detail.

paintedbowl makingforliving
Painted a wooden bowl with some chalk paint to match and placed it with a glass bowl in blue and pink.
cardsonshelf makingforliving
Basket of cards, trying to write them more often!

Do you have bedroom bookshelves? Have you used chalk paint? What’s your favourite use or effect with it?

Coming soon – I’ll be sorting the mis-matched bedside table situation with a creative solution.

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Bedroom bookshelves makeover

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