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Bead and ribbon necklace

I have a favourite bead necklace that I actually got free with a magazine a while ago, it has large red wooden beads on a red ribbon. Only I have worn it a few years now and the beads look a little worn and the satin ribbon is looking a little sad. I decided to make one similar. The beads in the photo are actually plain wooden beads, that I painted red, but you could use any beads and match to your chosen ribbon or outfit! I threaded them onto some embroidery thread and knotted each end leaving a loop. Through these loops I then threaded a length of Jane Means ribbon each side. I made the ends equal and then knotted the ribbon on itself each side of the beads to hold the ribbon in place and to cover any thread showing. It’s that simple! You can then knot the ribbon ends around your neck to hang and vary the length according to your preference or outfit neckline. (Do you like the jewellery frame? I made that too, by painting an old picture frame, stapling some lace across for earrings and fabric stapled behind that to back the frame. I also screwed in some small hooks to the inner top of the frame for necklaces or bracelets to hang from. I have found that the frame actually isn’t long enough for my necklaces to hang from the hooks inside the frame, so bear that in mind if you make one!)

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Beads and ribbon necklace tutorial
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