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Remember making paper daffodils, tissue paper flowers or cards for your mum for Mother’s Day when you were a child? It was always so much fun to make something and she was always so appreciative right? Well she may not quite appreciate cupcake cases on plastic straws flowers from you so much now, but here are some slightly more grown up makes that are a bit more attractive and make your making skills look a bit more, well, grown up sophisticated.

7 makes for mother's day

Here are seven ideas and instructions of gifts you can make for mother’s day.

1. Ribbon Rose Brooch
Sew a brooch back to the back of one of these ribbon roses and it’ll make a lovely brooch gift for Mother’s Day.

ribbon rose tutorial

2. Ribbon and bead necklace.
Co-ordinate the ribbon or bead colours to a colour she wears frequently or is her favourite.


3.Fabric covered plant pots.
Is your mum a plant lover? Why not cover a plant pot in some beautiful fabric? And then fill it with a pretty complementary plant.

Fabric covered plant pot

4. Flower posy.
You could make her a long lasting flower posy from nail varnish!


5. Ribbon flower shoe clips
Does she have a penchant for ballet pumps? Make her some ribbon pompoms to adorn her favourite shoes.

Ribbon flower shoe clips

6. Leather tassel and tag key ring.
Last week’s post on how to make a leather tassel and stamped tag key ring.

Leather tassels Mother's Day

7. Vintage style milk bottle bath salts.
Lavender or rose smelling bath salts for a fabulous bath.

Bath salts vintage milk bottles

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7 gifts to make for Mothers Day

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