Finding time to get creative in your work day is difficult, but you can do it. It is possible to find creative moments in your day-to-day life. You won’t be able to crochet a blanket at your desk but you can utilize a few minutes or moments in the midst of your work day as a start of your creative practice. Soon incorporating these ways will become instinctive and you will find yourself becoming more creative as you have to deal with problems or come up with ideas at work. Here are six ways you can get creative in a busy work day.

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1. Writing
When writing a list why not take an extra few seconds and draw some decorative letters?

When a moment of inspiration for your writing or poetry hits, stop and write it down. Make a note of an unusual turn of phrase in conversation or an overheard story. Write down descriptive observations when waiting for your train or bus.

You may find it useful to decoratively letter positive words that you want to think upon. Words like: brave, strong, happy, creative or peaceful.

2. Draw pictures and doodle
When you doodle you are letting your mind dream with your hands. Remember at school how you used to doodle on your books? Your mind will thank you for picking up this habit again. Notice what you want to draw and practice, you will soon improve.

Do this whilst on the phone, in a meeting, on your commute or coffee break.

3. Daydream
Yes, daydream. I know it sounds like a waste of time, and we struggle to prioritize it, but daydreaming will improve and inspire your creative practice. Allowing your mind the freedom to roam, and not get stuck on the to-do list is energizing and up-lifting. It is no coincidence our best ideas materialize in the shower or while washing up.


4. Take Photos
The best camera to have is the one you have with you! Most of us have cameras on our phones. This is a great place to start. Take photos on your commute, on your coffee or lunch break. Capture photos of interesting scenes or textures.

Going on a photowalk, a walk purely for the purpose of taking photos, is an amazing way to discover the neighborhood with new eyes. You will start to notice small details and hidden beauty everywhere.
As you pay attention to what you are choosing to photograph, you will gain insight into what inspires you.

5. Cooking
After a busy day preparing a meal can feel like just another thing you have to get done. But cooking is another way to express your creativity. It doesn’t need to be a drag, just follow the joy.

Change up a recipe with new ingredients. Be inspired by dishes from other countries or re-create a meal you enjoyed when you were on vacation.

6. Styling and vignettes
Why not take a few moments to arrange a surface in your home. A shelf, the top of a piano, a mantel, or top of the chest of drawers. Think about the placement of items, move vases, books, bowls from other rooms to style together. Group items in threes, think about different heights of items. Use unusual containers for flowers. Take a few seconds when unloading the dishwasher to think about how you put the items away on display, style up your dresser or shelves in the kitchen.

I hope you find these ways to get creative useful, let me know if there are other ways that you get creative in your work day in the comments.

This is an adapted piece from CLOUD magazine that I recently launched. If you enjoyed this you will find more tips and encouragement for how to get creativity into your busy life in CLOUD. Read more about it here.


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6 ways to get creative in your busy work day

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6 practical ways to get creative in your busy work day
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