It’s half term here and I’m juggling my children at home and trying to keep on my own writing/creating /blogging schedule too. It feels frustrating when I want to get making and the kids want feeding, refereeing, entertaining, taxi-ing. It’s hard satisfying a teenager, a ten year old and a six year old all at once! It’s exhausting, and my creative projects get put on hold.

Of course I also need to take a break from the day to day to get inspired, holidays can be a good time to do this. What it is that makes taking a break so good for creativity? I think a combination of refreshing, reconnecting and recharging make a perfect break.


The refreshing part of a break can be in the stopping. Not doing anything. Time for play. Time in the sea can be literally refreshing, with the cold water and waves washing over you. There is something about the sea or water, it’s mentally refreshing, when it means you have to focus only on staying afloat!

A change is as good as a rest, so they say. I often find that when I do something completely different and think about other things it means when I come back to the ideas again they start flowing. On holiday I love to sit in the sun and read, it feels too decadent to do for long back home, but on holiday it’s allowed and is an input kind of refreshing.


Learning new skills can be refreshing to your creativity and a break is the perfect time to learn a new skill or try something new. Some of my favourite memories of holidays as a child were ones spent in sailing dinghies with my family. I would love for my children to learn to sail on holiday as it feels like a family heritage skill to pass on. I remember seeing dolphins once in the sea when we were sailing with family friends from Spain to Ibiza, it was a magical moment of wonder. Moments of wonder cause you to dream and chase new possibilities.


Whilst it can feel like a struggle to have the children around again in the school holidays, I’ve actually started to love the time we have to reconnect together. There was something poignant about bodyboarding with my two eldest in the sea last year, we enjoyed encouraging each other in the catching of the waves. To be able to do something together, at the same level, where we all enjoy it is special. My husband and son can now play a good game of tennis against each other and start what will be an adult friendship. A good holiday for those two always involves tennis.

bodyboarding mfl

Some of the best conversations happen between my husband and I on holiday. The time and space away from the everyday help us to plan and dream for our lives.

To see the kids happy and doing activities that make them buzz is like a energy drink for me too. Recently my eldest has discovered a love for photography and to see him learn and experiment is a joy. When they find things that they love it gives you a tentative sense of a job well done and a pride in the person they are becoming. Stopping to capture those moments in your mind is like storing a positive well of energy to draw from later.



To come away from a break ready to head back into work with renewed creative passion is ideal. I’ve returned from holidays ready to tackle challenges with restored energy. Some of my creative endeavours have been inspired by things I’ve done or seen on holiday. I love to use the colours of the sea in my home, driftwood and sea glass can be found adorning bookshelves and tables.

When I returned from a beach break I made this family sign with some driftwood I picked up at the coast.

wood burnt sign

Some of my best makes are holiday related, I want to use makes to remember the positive times. I made a map candle plate using a map of a favourite holiday destination in cornwall.

map candle plate

Last year I made sandcastle flags for my youngest to use at the beach.

felt sandcastle flag



So I hope that you can find time on your holidays this year for refreshment, reconnecting with your loved ones and recharging. I think we all have permission to stop and take a break, after all if it means you come back to your daily life with renewed creativity, everyone around you benefits.


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3 ways a break is good for creativity
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