I love the beginning of Advent, the whole expectation of the arrival of Jesus at Christmas, the season of preparation for the best celebration of the year, it’s just such a great time. Each year lately I have made advent calendars for the children. With three of them it is easier to fill one calendar with chocolate coins than buy them separate ones.

3 Advent Calendars

Advent socks calendar

advent calendar

These are sweet little socks that look like mini stockings. Some of these socks my children actually wore as babies so they have sentimental value. The rest I bought to make up the numbers. In previous houses I have hung them across the mantel or fireplace, which you have to be careful with if you light a fire as the chocolate can melt! This led to us filling the socks the night before, a day at a time which of course meant that some mornings the Father Christmas of Advent would have forgotten! – oops! This year we don’t have a fireplace so I have painted a wooden picture frame, stapled some ribbon to the back and have pegged the ‘sockings’ to it. I embroidered the numbers to the socks and can fill the socks on the 30th November with no worries of brown toed socks one morning!

Advent envelope wreath

advent wreath

This advent calendar is made with a wire hanger, some twine, pegs, 24 envelopes and ribbon.

First you have to bend the hanger into a heart or circle shape. Make a loop for hanging by bending the hanger’s hook in on itself. Tie one end of the twine around the top of your heart or circle and wrap it around the shape and the loop at the top. Tie in place and trim off end of the twine.

I used wooden laundry sized pegs and cut strips of the paper to fit the pegs and glued them to one side of the pegs, to decorate them. To number the envelopes you could cut out numbers from paper and glue them on or stamp the numbers onto the envelopes.

Fill your envelopes with small chocolates, sweets or stickers and peg 2 envelopes with one peg around the heart or circle wreath.

Tie some ribbon in a bow around the wreath at the top middle.

The great thing about this wreath is that after using it for advent you can use the wreath as a peg board or card or photo hanger.

Advent String

Advent string

There are various ways of hanging little gift bags to a string, here is one where I decorated some small white envelopes with christmas washi tape and stamped numbers onto them, pegged them to some string that was hung down the stairs. The pegs were also decorated with washi tape.

This year we will also be decorating a Jesse tree through advent. I love the devotionals that tell the whole God story from Ann Voskamp. We hang the decorations, following along with her book; “Unwrapping the Greatest Gift”, which is beautifully illustrated and written. She has printables on her website so that you can print and hang a decoration every day of advent that represents a part of the God story from the beginning to Christ’s birth.

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3 Advent Calendars you can make

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